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High quality water source

High quality water sources higher than national food standards

Appearance inspection

Ensure no leakage of barreled water and clean barrel

No risk on the way

Ensure the match, no risk on the way

Business scope



Dongguan so-and-so decoration design engineering co., LTD., original in one specialized is engaged in the household, villas, exhibitions, stores, factories, offices, etc. The large adornment company of indoor and outdoor decoration engineering. Decorative adhering to the "what do you think it is what we do, what you do is what we want&quo…

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Bottled water is a professional distribution company, has been Watsons, robust, king, Nestle a qualified agent. With good faith, professional, quick, convenient business philosophy, ten years, such as one day, the achievement of a professional, standardized service model, has become one of the most perfect water stations in Beijing.

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